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Tell us about your video project and receive a price quote

Tell us about the topic of your video, the size of your video clips and the number of photos. Share your thoughts about the length of the desired video, and let us know by when you need the video. We will immediately send you a price quote. It’s a firm price quote (i.e. no hidden costs)!

Upload your files and get the first cut of your video

Upload your files and our editor will contact you to discuss your goals, target audience, different story boards, the music which best fits the video, the video length and a project timeline to meet your needs. Following your go-ahead, our editor will create the first draft for your review.

Collaborate with our editor until you are 100% satisfied

Provide feedback and collaborate with your editor until you are wholly satisfied with the video. We typically complete projects within 2-3 revision cycles, but you may provide feedback to your editor until you are fully satisfied with your movie. Only then will you will be prompted to pay.


How do I upload my raw files?

If you have a Dropbox or Google Drive account, you can use it to share the files with your video editor. Alternatively, you can use our system.

How do I collaborate with my video editor?

Once the first draft is ready for review, your video editor will post it on our system and invite you to log in and review it. You will then be able to watch and write comments directly on the movie timeline. It’s easy and fast.

How long does it take to complete the movie?

We aim to complete our projects within 10 days to two weeks and expect 2-3 review cycles. However, if a customer has extreme time constraints, we can deliver the final movie within a week. To ensure we meet your outlined deadline, your video editor will provide you with a projected schedule in advance and will share the revisions accordingly.

How do I pay for the finished product?

Once you are 100% satisfied with the final revision, you will be able to access our secured payment system embedded in our platform. We accept PayPal and all major credit cards.


“I came across VideoTov via a Google search. I was looking for a professional video editing services company to help me put together a video of my son’s first six months of life. Working with the VideoTov editors has been so easy and such a pleasure. There is no request, no change, no edit, however tiny it may seem, that they will not do for you. I only wish I knew about VideoTov sooner!”
Leanne Langer, Redwood California

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