• Hello, Extreme-Sports Fanatic

    Welcome to the coolest, gnarliest, raddest service ever. If you just came back from an awesome surfing trip, epic snowboarding getaway, or crazy afternoon kite session, this is for you!

  • upload video editing

    1. Upload

    You already did the hard part so let us do the boring part. Just upload your footage to our website and our editors will make you look AMAZING.

  • video editor

    2. Review and Iterate

    Review intermediate versions through an intuitive collaboration environment and provide your editor with comments, corrections and additional content. You can choose to invite friends and family to provide their perspectives as well.


  • video sharing

    3. Pay and Share

    Review and accept the final video. The payment is due only after you receive (and love) the final product. The movie is yours – Show It Off! Your friends will be so impressed that you will instantly be promoted to leader in all things cool.


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VideoTov is an innovative video collaboration platform. You submit your videos and work with a professional video editor to produce amazing videos via the VideoTov video editing software platform. Popular topics are GoPro extreme sports videos editing, video editing for adventure tourism, and even expert video editing of family events like weddings, birthdays, bar mitzvahs, video biographies, graduations and more. Browse our website for video ideas and examples of great videos (what is called ‘post production’ video editing in the industry)... or what average people call ‘How to make a great video.’ VideoTov: Turn your video footage into amazing videos!